About Us

Red River Telecom wants to be your right hand in every aspect of your telecommunications needs.  We not only want to help with your external needs but also your internal needs.  We have a complete staff of professionals that when assigned to your project will be dedicated to your project and your project only.  Red River Telecom wants each and every client to feel like we are an extension of themselves from beginning to end and everything in between.  We realize that in many situations one must take a sky down approach to site acquisitions; one must not automatically think ground up, but what is already available sky down from colocations to existing structure opportunities.

All of the following services are available and customized for each client:

  • Project Management
  • Site Acquisition / Leasing
  • Zoning / Permitting
  • Tower Co-location
  • Lease Review
  • Internal  File Audit

Every service that Red River Telecom provides will be tailored to every client’s unique needs.

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