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Wireless Construction and Development • Site Acquisition • Project Management • Zoning

Wireless Construction & Development

Red River Telecom has extensive knowledge and expertise in all wireless construction services. Our team of construction managers and program managers have over 20 years of experience in the wireless construction industry.

Lease and Field Audit

We understand that in building and/or inquiring hundreds or even thousands of sites throughout the country the leases and documentation need to be updated and current obligation determined. We can provide assistance internally or externally with your files.

Site Acquisition

Red River Telecom has an experienced in-house staff that will coordinate all field activities with our field agents in acquiring all needed agreements and permits for our client’s projects. One of the most important aspects of site acquisition is the need to deal directly with landowners and fully determine any concern that they might have about the site location or the project. Building a strong relationship with each and every landowner will not…

Project Management

The PM assigned to your project will be dedicated to your needs and all aspects of the project. The PM will perform all of the following services: Point of Contact Field agent Coordination Compiling all reports (scips, lease packages, closeout ) Scheduling The PM will also provide any specific needs that the client feels will asset him/her in their project.


We have experience professionals that have permitted and argued in front of city councils all over the country. Zoning is more than just knowing the zoning regulations, its knowing the people of the community and the needs and concerns that exist. Each and every community is not to be viewed as an obstacle for your company but an opportunity. Our seasoned professionals realize that knowledge of all existing zoning and building regulations is…

Red River Telecom wants to be your right hand in every aspect of your telecommunications needs. We not only want to help with your external needs but also your internal needs. We have a complete staff of professionals that when assigned to your project will be dedicated to your project and your project only. Red River Telecom wants each and every client to feel like we are an extension of themselves from beginning to end and everything in between. Red River Telecom is a full-service company offering services from site acquisition, zoning, project management, A&E and full construction services. All of our construction crews are in-house and constantly training new members for the team. We have several offices throughout the Southeast Region of the United States that are located in Grapevine, TX, Shreveport, LA, and Daphne, AL.